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We know how difficult it is to do business in Asia.
There are language and communications problems, often times you don't get what you selected or what you paid for, the attitude is different and business is just not done the way it is overseas…
Now, there's an alternative:

I am an American and I've been in the Plant Business for over 35 years. My wife, Bee is Thai and has over 10 years experience in the industry.  Over the years we have developed good relationships with some of the top growers in Thailand and elsewhere in Asia.

We are specialists at growing many beautiful species of orchids.
Orchid Nursery
Click Here for more information and photographs about orchids grown in our Kanchanaburi nursery.
We have an experienced capable staff at our nursery.
Orchid Nursery
Click Here for more information and photographs about our nursery in Kanchanaburi, Thailand.

Florida Nursery and
Growers Association
Florida Nursery and Growers Association
We have been a proud member of the Florida Nursery and Growers Association for over 35 years.
We can grow for you or buy for you. We are constantly looking for new items
with commercial potential.
 We want to act as your agent in Asia.
We hand pick every plant that we ship, we supervise the packing and shipping, we even negotiate the best freight rates.

Our overseas phone & fax rings in Thailand so we are constant touch with our vendors and our customers.
  No More Problems, No More Headaches:  

Good Communication, Customer Service, Great Prices & Quality Plant Material from an experienced team.....

We are Growers - Brokers - Exporters
 Vanda Orchids, Dendrobiums and Ascocendas from Thailand
 Crown of Thorns: rooted cuttings
 Adenium Obesum: All Sizes
 Plumeria Pudica: Rooted Cuttings
 Ixora Siam Ribbon*: Available in the USA from Agristarts 
(*patent applied for)
 Crested Euphorbia Lactea
 Grafted Euphorbia Millii

Tillandsias from South America
Grafted Euphorbia Lactea Plumeria Pudica Mucuna Bennetti
Grafted Euphorbia Lactea Plumeria Pudica Mucuna Bennetti
We can provide you with assistance in sourcing and shipping most horticultural products from Asia: Seeds, Cuttings, Pottery, etc. We'll buy for you, consolidate your order, pack and ship. We are experienced horticultural Professionals and we respond promptly to all your requirements.

Easy Ordering, expedited service, quality control, competitive pricing,


We are in constant contact with Asia's finest growers. 

Expert Packing House Staff: 
All Plants are sprayed and dipped to ensure USDA approval 


IXORA Siam Ribbon

Siam Ribbon*

*US patent pending.

IXORA Siam Ribbon
Available in the USA from Agristarts.

HCMC Law Firm retained for MGM Ho Tram Project lawsuit Horticulture Consultant/Project Manager claims bad faith and 24 months of unpaid invoices. All attempts at amicable resolution fails, no choice but to sue after Ho Tram email to Consultants to cease all communications.

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Feb 24, 2011 Siam Orchids Thailand Company Limited announced today that it will retain Tam & Associates, Attorney's with offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Vung Tau, Vietnam to commence legal action for breach of contract and assist in the collection of seriously past due payments for Landscape and Horticulture Consultation for the Harbinger Capital Partners investment: MGM Ho Tram Casino Project in Vung Tau, Vietnam. A spokesman for Siam Orchids said today: “It is with great regret that we have to take this step. We supported the Harbinger Capital/MGM Ho Tram project based on the promises made by the development team management for two years. Siam Orchids was proud to work alongside professional firms such as MGM, Steelman Partners and Meinhardt Vietnam on the development of the MGM Ho Tram Resort. We have tried to resolve these issues in a professional manner but the MGM Ho Tram recent email to potential witnesses with instructions to cease all communications with Siam Orchids Management has caused us to realize that legal action is the only way to proceed". About Siam Orchids Thailand, Tam and Associates, Harbinger Capital Partners, MGM Resorts International, Meinhardt Vietnam, Steelman Partners, MGM Ho Tram Resort, Jef Forrer

PLEASE NOTE: Siam Orchids Thailand Co., Ltd. is a grower, broker and exporter: strictly wholesale distributors to the trade. We do not sell to individuals. We will only respond to inquiries from professional growers, importers or plant brokers.
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